Dentistry's 1st and Only Nationwide Patient Smile Protection

How Do You Stand Behind Your Work?

Dental Warranty is not insurance, but it does protect cosmetic and restorative dentistry for tens of thousands of patients with nationwide, no-fault protection. This is the highest standard of peace-of-mind available in dentistry today.

Now Patients Can "Life-Proof" Their Smiles

As a dentist, you know there are many factors outside of your control that contribute to the long-term success of a restoration. Now you can protect your patients from whatever life throws at their smile!

Grow Your Practice With The Original Dental Warranty

Accelerate patient trust and loyalty
Stop cancellations and no shows
Get paid full fee for repairs
Increase hygiene consistency
Create a new income stream
Increase treatment acceptance
Set yourself apart in your market

Why Dental Warranty?
The Win-Win Peace-of-Mind Solution For Your Patients And Your Practice


Your Patient Wins With Dentistry's Best Peace-of-Mind Protection

No Fault coverage, no matter the cause of failure (even if they break something)

No Cost repair or replacement of covered procedures, valued up to your full fee

Follows Their Smile nationwide. If patients move, their coverage follows them anywhere

Constant Assurance during insurance wait periods or if their dentist retires or moves


Your Practice Increases Patient Flow, Production, and Profits

Extra Profit - Add to production and profit numbers each time the warranty is accepted

Hygiene Consistency  - The warranty requires that they return for prescribed recare

Get Paid Full Fee  for doing warrantied redo and repair work

Marketing Fuel  - A peace-of-mind brand sets the practice apart and boosts acceptance



We Make It Easy
With Unlimited Tools, Training, and Support

Talk To A Person who knows you, every time you call

No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee  on your enrollment

Marketing Materials for your website and in your practice

Personalized Team Training  - Best practices, verbal skills,
and ongoing support

Monthly Progress Report
makes tracking results effortless

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